Apply for a Grant

We Are Looking For:

-Programs that support our mission of changing perceptions, fostering acceptance and promoting oneness. We fund project based initiatives in the the areas of art for social change, disability awareness and spirituality.

-Projects that are creative. We are most interested in projects that are cutting edge and change perceptions in innovative and imaginative ways.

-Projects that ultimately will reach a large number of people. Projects should be applicable to other locations to be supported by other hosts. We are most interested in programs that originate in a specific community and eventually develop a template that enables organizations elsewhere to create a similar project in their community.

-Programs that are sustainable. We support projects that have the possibility of being self-sustaining after two years of funding or will be able to find other funders besides the Schottenstein Foundation B.

We Do Not Give Grants:

-Exclusively for annual fund or capital fund campaigns.

-Benefitting only one ethnic or religious group.

-To support one-time projects unless these projects have the possibility of being replicated in other cities or if the program is the beginning of a larger project.

Our Process:

1. Applicants should be familiar with our website and mission before contacting us with a grant proposal.

2. Applicants should contact us with a well thought-out and developed idea. Applicants should contact other partnering agencies before applying for a grant.

3. Applicants should write a complete grant proposal for the project. Please consult these general guidelines.

4. Contact us with a grant proposal for projects in the areas of Diabilities Awareness and Spirituality or with a grant proposal for projects in the area of Art for Social Change.

5. We are an untraditional foundation in that we work very close with our partnering organizations. When a proposal has been accepted, this does not terminate the dialogue between partner and our foundation. We believe that our partnerships are the single greatest asset to our foundation. We push partnering organizations to create outstanding projects and these organizations push us with creative and innovative ways to serve our communities. If your organization is not comfortable with this type of relationship, a grant from the Saul Schottenstein Foundation B might not be a good fit for your project.